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About Yoga

Yoga is a way of working with and linking the body, breath, and mind to achieve very positive results. Practiced regularly it can promote good health, help the mind become clearer, and make the body stronger.

Some think yoga is all about tying yourself into complicated knots and strange positions worthy of a contortionist! It does not have to be that way; in yoga there can be enormous gain, without struggle or pain! The simplest postures practiced with the right kind of attitude can achieve very effective results.

Yoga can be what you want it to be...

  • a way of finding some relaxation or ‘me-time’
  • getting some exercise
  • develop some suppleness, strength or stamina
  • increasing energy and vitality
  • improved health
  • alleviating insomnia
  • developing a pranayama (breathing) practice
  • exploring the philosophical wisdom that ancient yogic teachings have to offer

Whatever you are looking for, yoga can provide.


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