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Pregnancy Yoga


 "Thank you ever so much for your fantastic teaching. During my labour I remembered to breathe deeply and slowly, even in the worst contractions and everyone commented on how calm I managed to stay throughout, which I am sure was all down to how you taught me to control my breathing. The birthing ball was definitely invaluable too as I spent much of the first stages of labour leaning over it, thank you once again"

Why is it so good for you and baby?

Any Yoga can help you develop strength and fitness, but why is it seen to be so important to practice Yoga when you are pregnant? At the simplest level, the classes are good for social contact with other mums-to-be and the exchange of experience and active-birth information from the teacher can help you feel better equipped. There are many other excellent reasons why taking up Yoga is a good idea when you are pregnant:

  • Yoga can help you be more physically and mentally comfortable during your pregnancy
  • Any common problems of pregnancy such as backache, anxiety, constipation, heartburn and pelvic discomfort can be eased
  • It will provide you with ‘me-time’, where you can look after yourself and your growing baby
  • Yoga can safely prepare you for labour and can offer positions for birthing
  • You will develop controlled breathing patterns that will support your birthing process
  • Yoga can help you begin to form a special relationship with your growing baby
  • Yoga will promote relaxation and an attitude of ‘letting-go’ to let your body do what comes naturally
  • There is a pregnancy yoga classfrom 7.30 until 9.00pm on Thursday Evenings at Yanley Court Complimentary Therapy Centre in Long Ashton. Pregnant women are warmly welcomed at whatever stage of their pregnancy, and at whatever level of fitness. No experience of yoga is necessary. Contact Suzi Griffin for more information, or to sign up for a course of 6 weeks at £54.

    Postnatal Yoga

    All women could do with a bit of ‘me’ time, and postnatal women are no exception. In fact, some might say that they need it more than most, particularly after giving birth and spending days and nights nurturing a baby (or babies!). The postnatal woman is probably physically exhausted, mentally scattered and emotionally frayed. Despite this, she may want to return to a level of fitness that she had before pregnancy. However, the hormones responsible for opening her pelvis at birth are still flooding her system, leaving all her joints unstable and vulnerable. She should try to move safely, so mainstream exercise classes are not usually appropriate.

    All in all, she could probably also benefit from the physical and emotional support of a yoga class for new mothers. A postnatal class is a great way to meet other new mums, join a baby friendly group, take some safe and gentle exercise and to relax for a while.  For a postnatal woman, who has been through some tremendous changes since she became pregnant, yoga can help her cope with life as a new mother and feel ‘normal’ again.

    The Postnatal class is held on Monday Mornings at Yanley Court Complimentary Therapy Centre in Long Ashton. Babies are welcome and women are encouraged to feed, change and comfort them at any time during the classes. Refreshments are provided at the end of the class

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