About Suzi

I call myself a ‘yoga addict’! Initially I came to yoga to ‘get a bit of exercise’ but over the years I have discovered that the many layers of yoga go so much deeper than just the body. Now I come to yoga for much more than just ‘exercise’. Through teaching yoga classes, one to one sessions and by delivering workshops; I aim to show that yoga can promote total wellbeing for body and mind for absolutely everyone.

Head and shoulders of image standing in front of green trees

I am profoundly grateful for the inspirational teaching I have had over the past 20 years. My teachers have given me a depth of knowledge and understanding about yoga. Through my extensive studies with Paul Harvey who studied in India with TKV Desikachar, I feel I have a direct link with Krishnamacharya, whom some say is the grandfather of yoga. I have also been blessed with endless support, advice and encouragement from others without whom I would never have continued this journey. I thank all who have added so much to my learning.

Yoga Training

My training differs from that of many others in that it works at two levels, both as a yoga teacher and as a yoga therapist.

I trained as a teacher and a therapist at the Centre for Yoga Studies, and after a 3 year extensive training course, I graduated in 2009 with a Diploma in Yoga teaching and Yoga therapy.

I am an active committee member of the Association of Yoga Studies (AYS) which is a community of Yoga teachers and yoga students at all levels.

I never stop learning! Through regular:

  • supervision with my teacher Chris Priest,
  • in-service training,
  • Vini-Yoga yoga teacher meetings,
  • post graduate trainings with Sadhanamala
  • AYS yoga conventions and retreats,
  • first aid training