Yoga Classes in North Somerset and Bristol

Group Classes

These usually last an hour and a quarter. They often begin with an introduction to the theme of the class and then continue into a gentle warm up. Using carefully constructed Vinyasa (steps) the class is led through a sequence of different standing, kneeling, lying, inverted, backbend and seated postures. The classes are small and informal enough for each student to get some individual attention and for specific questions to be answered.

I encourage development and progression in each student by offering postures that are interesting and challenging, however, I encourage students to not ‘push’ themselves beyond safe or comfortable boundaries and I take any individual health requirements into consideration.

Yoga mats, blocks and ‘Swiss’ balls are provided, but I encourage students to purchase their own, either from me or anywhere else so they get a chance to practice on their own at home.

Special Classes

As the yoga I teach is reknown for its therepeutic benefits, I encourage everyone to attend my general yoga classes, no matter what their level of fittness or health. However a couple of the classes are adapted to suit those with more specific requirements. For example the over 50s class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings welcomes people in the ‘3rd age’ bracket who want to keep levels of fitness but in a more gentle way. The yoga at Clevedon on Friday mornings welcomes students from every age and ability.

Jo, who attends the class said:

“I started attending Suzi’s class in September and went along, initially, doubting that any exercise class could work for someone with my limited vision. That is, without a lot of fuss and changes which would single me out and make me feel uncomfortable.

What I have found, to my delight, is that this style of yoga is adapted to every person’s individual needs. It is also done at your own pace, so there is no pressure to keep up. The exercises and done slowly and described by Suzi before you begin. This has meant that far from struggling to see what I should be doing, I can keep my eyes shut for the entire class and often do so as it helps me to concentrate more.

I feel relaxed and more together after a class and feel that my balance is improving with time. I really look forward to Fridays now and feel this class has really helped me feel more positive about life.

A small group of us, with severe sight impairment, attend the Friday class, which is open to anyone. While this helped initially, I now feel so confident that I can cope with this style of exercise that I attended a weekend yoga workshop without any assistance and felt as able to join in as everyone else. I thoroughly enjoyed it.”

Would you like your own equipment?

Yoga mats £16.00
Blocks (thin) £3.00
Blocks (regular) £6.00
Swiss balls £20.00

Please email me for more information or to make an order.