What is Hypnobirthing™?

More and more people are discovering how HypnoBirthing can give the best possible chance of a calm, comfortable and natural birth

Using myth-busting birth education, deep relaxation techniques and easy to learn self-hypnosis, Hypnobirthing teaches you to trust your body to birth your baby in the way it is perfectly designed to do.

NHS midwives are increasingly happily welcoming HypnoBirthing™ mums under their care as they are seeing the evidence, first-hand, that it helps for a comfortable and a calmer birthing experience for all

Why is Hypnobirthing ™ good to do?

This course helps turn negative emotions such as fear and anxiety into excitement and joy as you learn to feel more in control of and positive about your birthing experience.

  • Research has shown that Hypnobirthing parents have
  • Easier, more peaceful birth experiences
  • Shorter labours
  • Less need for conventional pain relief
  • Reduced incidence of surgical intervention
  • Less tiredness and more energy for the actual birth
  • Better chances of deep bonding for the whole family
  • Quicker and happier postnatal recovery

The best bit?

A more relaxed pregnancy and birth generally means a more relaxed, happier mother and calmer baby after birth – and the best possible start you can give your new family

How is it taught?

Parents-to-be can have HypnoBirthing ™sessions in their own homes – Suzi teaches the Mongan Method which is the original HypnoBirthing™ programme that has been helping mothers have a safe, natural and comfortable birth for over 25 years.

Courses last between 12 – 15 hours and can be taken at times that suit the parents.

  • You are provided with a course handbook
  • Weekly handouts and guides
  • A relaxation and birth affirmations CD
  • Support right up to your birth

Pregnancy yoga classes can help too?

These compliment the course and can be taken throughout the whole pregnancy.