One-to-One Sessions

November Update:

In the current situation, where many of you may be trying to avoid unnecessary social contact, you may like to consider Yoga sessions individually.
I’m offering a season of reduced-price individual yoga sessions for therapy, healing, development, or to further your knowledge of yoga.  If you would like to have your own yoga practice personally tailored for you, you can. It’s so versatile. Outside of your classes, you can choose to make yoga a regular part of your life; whether you want more asana (postures) pranayama (breathing), or dhyana (meditation). It can be 5 or 10 minutes a day, or an hour a week, you can choose whatever you want to fit into your life. You can do it in your home, your garden, or from your office chair. Yoga can be for personal development or for therapy. Really, anything goes!
Usually £45, however after 01/01/24, the session fee will change to £50 for an hour. ( concessions can be requested)
I would much rather that you experience the joy of yoga than not, so I would never let the price be an issue.
Do let me know if you want to discuss your own sessions, either at the yoga space in my home, at your home or online, if you prefer.

“After months of trying to discover what was causing me severe problems with my neck, shoulders and back – via a brain and neck scan, osteopathy, acupuncture, massage therapy and a sports injury specialist it was suggested to me that I try yoga. There was no way I could join a class and face telling my new teacher, in front of the class, all the problems I had and so I tried to find someone who would take me on a one-to-one basis and through the web I found Suzi and Yogafriendly. Suzi gave me an initial consultation for free, where she listened to all I had to say and then agreed to take me on, we booked a session once she had enough time to think about and plan a sequence of yoga moves that we agreed I would have time to fit in with my life routine and was specifically tailored to meet the needs of all the problems my body was coping with – this was done in conjunction with advice from my osteopath. After 3 private sessions over a couple of months, I felt able to join Suzi’s weekly classes but also wanted to keep my one to ones every 6 to 8 weeks because they mean so much to me. It is yoga that has turned around my life, from my physical problems to making me a calmer, happier and more meditative person and it is Suzi, lovely Suzi, who is responsible for making me feel whole again. Thank you Suzi.”Karen

One-to-ones are appropriate for everyone and anyone, particularly students who:

  • wish to develop their yoga practice,
  • want to treat health issues through yoga or
  • do not enjoy the environment of a group class.

What happens during a one-to-one session?

I include a free consultation in the first session to see how yoga can work best for you. She will discuss your needs and preferences and take into consideration your personal circumstances. She then constructs a suitable simple practice for you that you will go through together. You will be able to take home a set of clear instructions, so you can then have your own daily practice, one that you will enjoy.

What happens later?

You practice the yoga you have agreed on regularly. A week or so after your first session you make an appointment to make sure that the practice is working for you, and I will make any adjustments that are necessary.

After your consultation, you will need to have a few regular sessions which will suit you and your finances. At first, more frequent visits will be offered to get you off to a good start. Over time your practice will be altered and developed.

Do I have to come on my own?

Sometimes, for whatever reason, a few people prefer not to have one-to-ones on their own; they like to come with a friend. If you feel this option is better for you, or if you would like to have a private lesson in your home with a few friends, please do ask and we will discuss the ideas you have.

Where and when are the sessions held?

Appointments are made for a time and a place that is convenient for both you and the teacher. Evenings and weekends are considered.

How much do they cost?

One to one sessions are £45 per hour. (£50 after 01/01/24). The initial consultation is freely included in the first session which usually lasts about 75 minutes. Usually, the session is held at the teacher’s home but can be arranged elsewhere, in which case transport expenses may be added.

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