How do I start a yoga class?

  • Don’t worry – any level of student is welcome, beginners and those who have practiced for some time
  • Check the timetable and choose the class that suits you
  • You don’t have to book, but please contact me to check the class has space for you
  • Arrive about 10 minutes before the class begins so you can be introduced to the basics of the yoga style, you will be asked to fill in a short form and you can have some time to settle into your new class

I’ve never done yoga before what should I do?

  • It is a good idea to book in a one to one session to start you off, so when you arrive at class you will have a grasp of the fundamentals of yoga including how to breathe, how to move and how to adapt postures to suit you
  • You are quite welcome to come to a class at any time. Please be aware that many of the other students at the class may have been attending the class for some time, so they may be more experienced than you. Do not let that put you off as everyone is encouraged to work at their own level
  • In a class I may adjust you to make sure that you are working safely and effectively. If you need more assistance at any time then you can ask for help at any time

Do I need equipment?

Some might say that no equipment is necessary, as you can do yoga anywhere, and at any time. In the classes minimal equipment is used, and mats, blocks and anything else can be borrowed or bought.

What should I wear?

Anything comfortable, so you can stretch and move without feeling hampered by your clothes. Many people wear layers so they can cool down when they start to warm up, or warm up when they start to cool down.

I have a concern about my health, should I do yoga?

Anyone can do yoga, no matter what their health. However, if your condition is causing you a lot of discomfort or concern, then do contact your GP before beginning the yoga. Please talk to the teacher to ask if it would be better to attend a few one to one sessions before beginning a class. There will be an opportunity to note your on your form and to chat through the options for you before the class. If you have a concern that you would like to talk through privately, please contact me before you attend the class.

I am pregnant, shall I come to class?

It is better to attend a pregnancy yoga class, as they are designed specifically to help a calm and comfortable pregnancy and labour. However if you are unable to find a pregnancy class that suits you then, as long as you have some experience of yoga, you can come to a general class. When you arrive, you must let me know you are pregnant so she can adapt the postures to be safe and comfortable for you and your baby (or babies!).

One to One Sessions
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Would you like your own equipment?

Yoga mats £16.00
Blocks (thin) £3.00
Blocks (regular) £6.00
Swiss balls £20.00

Please email me for more information or to make an order.