Workplace Yoga & mindfulness

Research proves that everyone at work can benefit from a weekly yoga or mindfulness class. It has been shown that such classes improve staff moral and reduce workplace stress and add to the quality of the organisation. The class you choose to run at work can be tailored to suit everyone who attends; it will be safe, enjoyable and an effective addition to your mindfulness programme.

Quality & safety

Unfortunately anyone can claim to teach Yoga with just a few days training. So if safety is important to you then it is important that you check the credentials of the teacher you choose for your peace of mind. YOGAfriendly’s teacher, I am an experienced, highly trained and insured. She can help by offering enjoyable classes that can be adapted to suit everyone, regardless of fitness, age and experience.

Taster session

If you are not sure if the yoga or mindfulness sessions will be right for your workplace, please do get in touch to talk it through. Ask any questions for example about available times, necessary space or equipment or payment terms. Once all your questions have been answered and you are happy, then you can organise a taster session to see if your staff enjoy it.

What space will we need for the yoga or mindfulness class?

A clean, clear space is needed for a class. Tables and chairs can be moved aside to clear a space. The floor can either be carpeted or hard flooring. If carpeted, mats may not be needed, although it is preferable to have them. Each participant will need about 2m long x 1m wide, so a space that is 5 x 5m will allow space for 10 participants.

Do we need special equipment?

Yoga kit can be minimal, and you don’t need any at all if you have a clean, carpeted space and would rather keep it simple.

Yoga mats and foam blocks are preferable, although not essential. We can recommend where to purchase mats, or we can provide mats at a fee of £1 per mat for each class. Get in touch to find out more.

What do we wear?

Special clothes aren’t needed to practice yoga. Many participants do prefer to change into loose/comfortable clothing that allows free movement, however this isn’t essential. Yoga can be practiced in work wear if desired and we can design a class that is modest and doesn’t ask you to sweat!

How many participants?

This partly depends on the size of the room you have available and on how much personalised instruction from the teacher. It is worth discussing your particular workplace size, staff and general situation when you are booking your session, to make sure you receive the class that fits your needs.

How long is a class?

Classes can be tailored to suit your schedule. Usually they are an hour, but can also be 30 minutes or somewhere in between. You could arrange a 45 minute class, or 2 x 30 minute classes to accommodate more participants in the morning or during lunchtime.

How much does it cost?

Yoga classes at your workplace start from £50.

Please get in touch to find out more or with any questions.