Yoga Group Classes in Bristol & North Somerset

Suzi teaches Yoga Classes in Bristol and around North Somerset, the classes are small and informal enough for each student to get some individual attention and for specific questions to be answered.

How long do they last?

These usually last an hour and a quarter. If you want to have your own class with a group of friends to suit your needs and availability, contact me to discuss.

What happens during a class?

They often begin with an introduction to the theme of the class and then continue into a gentle warm up. Using carefully constructed Vinyasa (steps) the class is led through a sequence of different standing, kneeling, lying, inverted, backbend and seated postures.

Do I have to start at the beginning of a term?

Terms are usually the same length as school terms, and each term has a different theme such as sequences, balances or safe stretching with straps. Although the theme is developed as the term progresses, is OK to begin at any time during a term.

Will I be challenged?

Suzi encourages the development and progression in each student by offering postures that are interesting and challenging. She encourages students to not ‘push’ themselves beyond safe or comfortable boundaries, making sure that any individual health requirements are taken into consideration.

Do I need my own kit?

Yoga mats, blocks, straps and ‘Swiss’ balls are provided as necessary, but students are encouraged to purchase their own, either from YOGAfriendly (please see our product list) or anywhere else, so they get a chance to practice on their own at home.